Cert II in Food Processing

Course Code: FBP20117

Duration: 12 months

This Qualification covers a range of food processing industries, such as:

  • Grain processing (including stockfeed, animal feeds, milling wheat, barley, oats and flour milling)
  • Baking (including large scale production of cakes, pastry, bread, biscuits and plant baking)
  • Beverages (including juices, soft drinks, cordials, aerated and still waters, energy drinks and other modified beverages, such as vitamin and antioxidant beverages, coffee, tea and ice)
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy processing
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Grocery products and supplies (including honey, jams, spreads, sauces, dressings, condiments, spices, edible oils and fats and pasta)
  • Poultry.

This qualification is designed for application in supervised environments where the work is predictable with some basic problem solving requirements. All work must be carried out to comply with workplace procedures, in accordance with State/Territory food safety, work health and safety and environmental codes, regulations and legislation that apply to the workplace.

The following Units of Competency are a typical example however may vary based on the Registered Training Organisation.

 Units of CompetencyNominal Hours
FBPOPR2001Work effectively in the food processing industry 30
FDFOHS2001AParticipate in OHS processes40
FDFOP1003ACarry out manual handling tasks30
MSMENV272Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
FDFFS2001AImplement the food safety program and procedures30
FDFOP2004AClean and sanitise equipment30
FDFOP2063AApply quality systems and procedures 30
FDFOP2005AWork in a socially diverse environment30
FDFOP2064AProvide and apply workplace information 30
FDFPPL2001AParticipate in work teams and groups30
FBPOPR1008Take and record basic measurements30
FBPOPR2002Inspect and sort materials and product30
FBPOPR2010Work with temperature controlled stock30
BSBITU201Produce simple word processed documents60
TLIA2020Replenish stock20