Cert III in Automotive Refinishing Technology

Course Code: AUR32416

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who paint, refinish, repair and maintain painted surfaces on a range of automotive vehicles, recreational vehicles and other vehicles in the automotive industry.

The following Units of Competency are a typical example however may vary based on the Registered Training Organisation.

 Units of CompetencyNominal Hours
Level 1
AURAEA002Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace25
AURAFA008Interpret and apply automotive repair instructions20
AURAMA001Work effectively with others in an automotive workplace20
AURASA002Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace20
AURTTK002Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace20
AURVTA001Prepare vehicles for customer use20
AURVTN002Carry out non-structural vehicle panel repairs40
AURVTP001Remove paint from vehicle painted surfaces20
AURVTP002Mask vehicle panels and components20
AURVTP003Prepare vehicle spray painting equipment for use40
AURVTP004Apply basic colour matching techniques using vehicle paint codes30
AURVTP006Apply refinishing primers to vehicle surfaces30
AURVTP008Clean and polish vehicle paint surfaces15
AURVTP011Apply solid acrylic two-pack materials to vehicle components40
AURVTP013Prepare vehicle substrates for refinishing70
AURVTT008Clean vehicle interior trim15
Level 2
AURVTN005Remove and replace adhesive attached components on vehicles15
AURVTP005Apply rust prevention and sound deadening materials to vehicle body components20
AURVTP007Touch up minor vehicle paintwork damage30
AURVTP010Prepare and operate vehicle paint drying equipment30
AURVTP014Colour match multi-layer and clear over base two-pack paints on vehicles and components60
AURVTP015Match direct gloss solid paint colour on vehicles or components40
AURVTP019Prepare and paint plastic and composite vehicle surfaces20
AURVTP020De-nib, buff and polish vehicle painted surfaces20
AURVTP023Apply clear over base two-pack refinishing materials to vehicle body components45
AURVTP024Apply clear over base multi-layer and pearl refinishing materials to vehicle body components45
AURVTP025Apply water-based refinishing materials to vehicle bodies and substrates45
Level 3
AURVTP016Rectify and touch up vehicle direct gloss paint faults using two-pack systems60
AURVTP017Rectify and touch up vehicle paint faults using clear over base two-pack systems80
AURVTP018Rectify vehicle multi-layer and pearl paint faults using two-pack systems80